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Give Your Nails Some Love and Care

Our hands are one of the most used parts of our body. So why not pamper them once in a while, starting with the nails.

Nail care is just as important as skin care. Our nails protect our fingertips and act as an important tool. Remember scratching the edge of a sticker before peeling it off all the way? How about when you try opening a canned drink and using your nails before your finger gets a grip? Surely these common tasks have earned our nails some pampering like a manicure and a fresh coat of polish.

The nail trend this year is colorful but it’s not the only way to be creative and to have fun with your nails. If you are having trouble picking the right color, choose a nude nail polish. Contrary to popular notion, nude is anything but plain or boring. It’s versatile and flattering. Just like our different skin tones, there are various nude colors out there. You can opt for the Golden Rose Nude Nail Polish in Dust 763, maybe a little pink with Golden Rose Nude Nail Polish in 756 Princess, or play it up with Golden Rose Nude Nail Polish in 760 Stone. Before you get too excited with the selection, begin with a manicure

DIY Manicure

Always start with clean nails, that means removing old polish with an oil-based nail polish remover. Avoid acetone as it is harsh and can cause nails to weaken. A nail polish remover also takes out any excess oil and dirt. Make sure to wash your hands with warm soap and water after.

Clip your nails if you feel it’s necessary. Next, file them gently to get your desired shape whether it is round, square, or somewhere between those. Buff your nails lightly using a nail buffer. Make sure to buff the tops and sides to achieve a smooth nail bed. Buffing your nails, prevents the natural oils from building up; thus, making your nails appear youthful and bright.

Some experts believe it’s better to skip cutting or removing the cuticle as it protects your nails from bacteria and possible infections. But if you feel like doing it, we recommend using a wooden orange stick and massaging them with a cuticle oil.

To prep your nails, apply a base coat then two coats of your desired nail polish. You can opt for the Golden Rose Nude Nail Polish in Bride 751 for the appearance of healthy, glowing nails. When applying the polish make sure you cover the entire nail, from the cuticle and the corners. Start in the middle of the nail, and once in each side. A topcoat is the last step. This will protect the manicure from chipping, make your polish last longer, as well as give your nails a shiny finish.  

In case you see some mistakes, remove them using a small cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover wrapped around the end of a cuticle stick.

Keeping your nails healthy

Remember, a manicure once in a while can help keep your nails clean and pretty. But keeping it healthy needs to be done daily. Here are some tips.

Health first rather than the length. Sure, long polished nails are Instagram-worthy, but if you are someone who breaks their nails often then start with short nails. You can still make them pop with Golden Rose Nude Nail Polish in 757 Grege.

Invest in a glass file. An emery board may cause damage to your nails. Meanwhile, a glass nail file creates an even edge and works best on weak, brittle, and damaged nails.

Allow your nails to breathe. It’s fun to look at painted nails but it will also do them some good to take a break from nail polish. Consistently painting them with strong colors can turn them yellow and make them dry. 

Lastly, moisturize your nails and hands every day. You can use a hand lotion and spread them towards your nails and cuticle. You can also hydrate them with almond oil. 

Prevention is always better than a cure. It’s easier and more convenient to give additional care rather than providing treatment, even when it comes to your fingernails. Start with these simple ways to keep your nails healthy for a long time. Go on and give your nails the loving they deserve. Show them off. Remember, self-care extends to the tips too.

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