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Eye Makeup Looks Come Easy With The Right Shadow

Choosing the right eyeshadow color may feel like a challenge but thanks to makeup palettes and quads, it doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Our eyes can say a lot even before we speak. At times, we express our emotions through them like sadness and joy. We can also show some drama and mystery with our eye makeup.

Many women continue to struggle on how to pull off trendy eye looks and are not quite sure which would look well on them. According to this article, popular eye makeup includes bold colors and graphic lines. Meanwhile, here are some timeless techniques to help you on your next look.

Classic eye

The classic eye is famous all over social media and usually done with a neutral color palette. If you want to give it a shot, you can opt to use this Professional Quad Eyeshadow in Shade 201. It has a base color, a matte tan color, a matte dark brown color, and sparkly brown shade.  

To start, apply the matte tan color all over the eyelid, from the lash line up to the crease. Next, use the sparkly brown shade along the crease. It’s best to use a tapered crease brush here when sweeping and blending the product.

You can use the matte dark brown color as a liner or on the outer corner of the eye. Make sure to keep blending to prevent harsh lines. The base color, or lightest shadow can serve as highlighter on your brow bone and inner corners of the eyes. Finish it off with a coat of mascara.

Tip: If you are struggling with choosing which eyeshadow brush to use, the best rule of thumb is pick the brush according to the size of the area you intend to place the product. A larger area may need a larger brush while smaller parts of the eyes will require another size.

If you want to experiment, you can also try using the same technique with another quad featuring light peach and pink colors, the Profashion Quad Eyeshadow in Shade 202 is your best bet.

Smokey eye

Sultry and dramatic like a vixen, these are just some descriptions of a smokey eye. This is an iconic look, originally created by the ancient Egyptians and still fashionable today. Not everyone is aware that a smokey eye does not just mean using one black eyeshadow. A smokey eye can include several shades that would work well with black to create a smoked effect. For example, this quad, the Profashion Quad Eyeshadow in Shade 206, has a matte cream base color, matte olive, silver and black eyeshadow with glitter.

To make the most of this eye makeup product, you can use the matte olive shadow on top of the black with glitter. Meanwhile, the silver can be used as an accent on the inner corners of the eyes and the cream color to highlight the brow bone. Most importantly, remember to do the key element of a smokey eye, rimmed eyes. You can use your black kohl eyeliner for this but you can also use the black eyeshadow from the quad as a substitute. Simply use the tip of the brush to achieve this effect.

Tip: The success of a smokey eye is blending. Constantly check if you blend the shadows evenly. A common mistake is using too much product and looking like you have panda eyes. To avoid this, keep the dark colors just a little above the crease and don’t over extend beyond the outer corners of your eyes. You can also choose to do your eye makeup first before the rest of your face for easier cleanup. 

Layering the eyeshadows gives intensity, color, and dimension on your eye makeup. You can complete the look with either a nude glossy lip or matte red lipstick. Whatever you choose, you will surely make a statement.

Palettes and quad shadows can help both beginners and pros when it comes to pairing the eyeshadow colors. At the end of the day, have fun. It’s just makeup. If you don’t like the result, you can always remove it and do it again. 

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