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All About the Base

Flawless makeup starts with a smooth base, including your foundation.

Ask any artist and they would say that the key to a masterpiece is, to begin with a clean canvass. It’s the same when it comes to applying makeup. The skin absorbs the products we use so we need to be extra careful on what and how much product we put on.

With that, proper skincare is vital, making sure your foundation won’t crack or smear.

Prepping the skin

Skincare is fairly easy to maintain, but you have to be consistent. This means doing it daily even at home or wearing a no-makeup look, especially since it is one of the beauty trends this year

The essential skincare routine you need to remember is to cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Remember to choose products that will help your skin and not fight against it. If you have dry and sensitive skin, go for an alcohol-free toner and a moisturizer that will add and lock in moisture. For oily skin, look for PH-balancing or oil-controlling toners that will help with sebum secretion. Hydrating moisturizers work best for women with oily skin. You still need to use a moisturizer even with an active sebaceous gland—responsible for the skin’s oil production.

On the other hand, those with combination skin allows the mixing of products to address the needs of the specific parts of their face. One example is having flaky dry cheeks and oily T-zone. Use an oil-free moisturizer on the T-zone and moisture-locking one on the cheeks.

If you plan to add serums and emulsions to target special concerns like hyperpigmentation and dry patches, apply them after the toner. Add a sunscreen after the moisturizer and face primer before applying any makeup product.

Choosing a foundation

If you get overwhelmed when picking the right foundation, remember to choose one that will create a smooth and flawless base like the Golden Rose Silky Dream Foundation. You also want a foundation that will conceal your blemishes and give a natural finish. Each of their foundations provides lasting smoothness throughout the day, and are non-comedogenic or won’t block the pores. 

How to know which shade matches your skin tone? Good rule of thumb is to take a bit of the foundation and swatch it near the jaw, all the way down to the neck. Try on three to four shades closest to your natural skin tone. See which one would disappear and blend with your skin. Pick the one that looks more like your skin.

When applying the foundation, you can choose from a flat foundation brush, stippling brush, or sponge. The differences among these are: the foundation brush allows medium and targeted coverage, the stippling brush creates an airbrush-like finish, while the sponge makes blending the product easier and the finish is streak-free from the bristles.

It is a matter of preference and the result you want. Others even feel that dabbing the product with their fingers gives them a more natural finish. But beauty experts don’t recommend it because it may change the formulation of the foundation as oil from the fingers mixes with the foundation during application.

Did you know you can use foundation as a highlighter to illuminate parts of your face? Simply apply the lightest foundation shade such as the Profashion Silky Dream Foundation in 350 on your chin and cheekbone.

Do you want a bronzed and sun-kissed look? You can achieve that by mixing your current foundation with the Profashion Silky Dream Foundation in 355. You can even apply this shade on areas you prefer to contour, such as the forehead or the hollows of your cheeks.

Setting with powder

As soon as you’re done applying the foundation, finish it with a loose translucent powder using a powder brush. This will set all the wet and creamy products, preventing them to slide before applying other powdered products, like blush and eyeshadow.  A loose powder won’t cake your makeup, and a translucent variant assures it won’t change the color of your foundation.

All the makeup products in the world won’t mean a thing if your facial skin is blotchy and flaky. This is why a smooth and flawless base is very important. Achieve this with regular skincare and the right foundation that will match your needs. Invest in your base and let your smooth beautiful skin show.

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